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Bank transfers in El Salvador: Tripode S.A. of C.V. Account number 082510016976 in Davivienda Bank.
For international transfers write to excavadores@elfaro.net
Do you prefer another payment method? Write us and we will send you the information for bank wires. Your support is subject to the fiscal laws of El Salvador.
If you need a receipt please write to excavadores@elfaro.net

What do I get for joining the movement?

You will expose corruption, impunity and inequality cases while we take the risk.
You will help to fund the role of Defender of the reader in El Faro.
Transparency. We will notify you periodically about our finances and investigations.
You will receive tickets for the Central American Forum of Journalism carried on every May.
You will get discounts in books from La Tienda, the digital store of El Faro.
We will invite you to face-to-face and virtual events for the members of the community.

What is  





For 20 years, El Faro has been characterized by investigations that last months or years, which lead to allegations of corruption, human rights violations or deep approaches to migration or violence throughout Central American. Funding and keep doing that work has not been easy. That is why in 2015 we launched the movement Excavación Ciudadana (Civic Excavation), so that our readers in El Salvador and worldwide can help us to fund our work. Help us to keep going. In these 3 years, 1162 readers have contributed to support our independent journalism and have supported us – and keep supporting – with almost $65,000. Thanks to the Civic Excavators we have been able to investigate cases like the following. Do we count on you?

Want to know more?

If you are still not convinced to join Excavación Ciudadana and you have doubts or queries, call or write us to:
 +503 22086685