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We will invite you to face-to-face and virtual events exclusive for members of the Citizen Excavation
We will invite you to face-to-face and virtual events exclusive for members of the Citizen Excavation
We will invite you to face-to-face and virtual events exclusive for members of the Citizen Excavation

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For almost 20 years El Faro has been characterized by investigations that last for months or years, and which lead to allegations of corruption, human rights violations or deep approaches to migration or violence throughout Central America. Keeping doing that work has not been easy. That's why in 2015 we launched #ExcavaciónCiudadana movement, so our readers in El Salvador and around the world can help to fund our work. Help us to keep going. In these two years a community of 870 people has been formed, who have already contributed approximately US $ 57,000. With this money, we have made more than 50 works between chronicles, reports, photo essays or audiovisual materials. And we are sure that we count on your monthly, biannual or annual contributions in order to that the list of investigations keep growing. These are some of the research that El Faro has developed with the help of its readers:
  • Exc 10 422d0d612e2be151ac35fd920b6d33e1bddc77ad9536877190c5a899b906a4e3

    Vice President of El Salvador is a partner of the alleged leader of the Texis Cartel.

    Vice President Óscar Ortiz maintains a business relationship since 2000 with José Adán Salazar Umaña, also known as Chepe Diablo, a 67-year- old hotel entrepreneur who has been linked according to different investigations to the Texis Cartel and has been nominated by the United States in 2014 as the international drug kingpin. Ortiz says he does not have to give explanations of this relationship because there’s nothing illegal on it. "Have they condemned him?", Defends the vice president to his business partner.
  • Exc 28 b9e95a17268ef81419e632b6293d78537e3e38d9d94476c9465474cf9fdccda5

    Channel 4 bought football matches for an Eserski family company in the Virgin Islands.

    The owners of “Telecorporación Salvadoreña” have up to eight companies in Panama and in the British Virgin Islands and use some of them to buy television rights that later are acquired through their channels in El Salvador. El Faro confirmed through documents from the firm Mossack Fonseca that Channel 4 bought rights to football matches of the America Cup, Brazil Cup and England's selection to a sister company in the Virgin Islands.
  • Exc 2 d7db75c547bfe11f794b939c7f2049615847d3868e471b7296c9d5c8ede51906

    “Meat we never eat. It's expensive!”

    Francisco dreams of bringing his children to know a ship, to the Acajutla port. But that trip, 45 minutes in a car, would complicate the accounts in his home, which is maintained with what he earns in the harvest of coffee and sugar cane, an average of $ 116 a month. Unlike a city worker, access to land in the countryside compensates with fruits and leaves to vary the diet of the poor.
  • Exc 11 932df705b851b7b685e63f4809225caa107db5e0f3dd812058c31962f087adb9

    Alba has eight offshore in Panama and thus reduces taxes in El Salvador.

    “Alba Petróleos”, the company run by leaders of the FMLN, the government party, took $ 290.6 million to companies domiciled in Panama, a tax haven where they do not pay any taxes. Meanwhile, in April 2015, President Salvador Sánchez Cerén asked the big businessmen to pay their taxes and not take their money out from El Salvador to contribute with "the development of the country's productive plant"
  • Exc 8 e75543f7ec64ad3234fc2a51dd44938b8957fa0630595824a4c608e946c5cc56

    Adolfo Salume, his offshore and claims for Treasury and the Red Cross.

    “Molinos de El Salvador S.A. of C.V. (Molsa)” paid for consultancy to a company also owned by Salume domiciled in a tax haven. Treasury rejects the reduction of the fiscal invoice derived from those costs. In addition, behind that screen society radicated in Nevada, Mossack Fonseca's office wove a network of companies that ended in the fraudulent use of the name of the International Red Cross as a beneficiary institution
  • Exc 9 485ad555b4414e0b349627ecc3f1e63151b04dc558bfa78fb6cfd55a721e0101

    Terrorist for 59 days.

    The Salvadoran State accused the Young man Miguel Ángel Deras Martínez of being a soulless murderer; the General Attorney of the Republic mistakenly identified him as one of the material authors of the Opico massacre, which occurred in March 2016. Although he still under the legal process, pending the preliminary hearing, he regained his freedom after a recognition wheel will prove that he is not the “Slipy of Santa Maria”, a member of the gang “18 Revolutionaries” that the prosecutor's criterion witness involves in the killing.
  • Exc 14 9faa9a5320166e39cf619d9fc9cc4a81b5ebd99b8d820248a90c2c4a20182425

    The six selfplagiarisms of deputy Gallegos.

    The future president of the Legislative Assembly, Guillermo Gallegos reported to the Probity Section of the Supreme Court of Justice that from 2009 to 2015, in addition to collecting salary as a deputy, received extra payments totaling $400,000. / Photo El Faro: Víctor Peña.
  • Exc 5 864b30b7d6f83f2f8f9daf76716317c574fe16281e157d325af6d01a3fdc29a1

    The molasses’ victims.

    Two weeks after the spill, the foals drink water, in El Pito pass, part of the municipality of San Lorenzo, Ahuachapán. The community uses this side of the river in order to feed the animals, to supply water for human consumption and to fish. This last activity has disappeared for the forty families that inhabit on the area due to the tragedy of La Magdalena.
  • Exc 22 c60533748ded87c2b5e569d8e2555342a0832d67fc4728fab4f7bceac9ef7c9b

    El Salvador does not reach the end of the month in October

    The country is on the edge of default, that is, faced with the inability to deal with its daily expenses. If no emergency measures are taken, the Salvadorian State would fall into this situation no later than October. This already has the main political parties - ARENA and FMLN - negotiating a fiscal agreement that saves the country from breaching its obligations. Given this scenario, the International Monetary Fund recommends increasing two points to TAX, cutting state spending and curbing any increase to the minimum wage.
  • Exc 3 23fc0cf9f8710830d9c20fc60a54612c24f90663154c21de07dce45923765ce5

    "Without the help of my brother I would have had to give these children away"

    Pay for water or electricity. He needs both, but the minimum salary of Victor Cardoza does not reach. Going to the park, using shampoo or buying sanitary towels for his daughters can be extravagant in a home where sometimes it is something to eat and sometimes not. What future awaits the children of this maquila worker? "I tell the teacher that I can not cover the material for the tasks of my children, and he tells me that they are going to fail the course, and I say no way,and I feel sad because it is my fault."

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